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ASHRAE Decarbonization Related Policies, Briefs, and Standards

ASHRAE Position Documents

      • ASHRAE and CIBSE – Resiliency in the Built Environment 
      • Climate Change 
      • Energy Efficiency in Buildings
      • Refrigerants and their Responsible Use

ASHRAE Public Policy Issue Briefs

      • Building Decarbonization
      • Resiliency in the Built Environment
      • Climate Change and the Built Environment
      • Refrigerants and Their Responsible Use
      • Utilizing Energy Metrics and Building Benchmarking to Improve Whole Building Energy Performance

ASHRAE Standards

Home Decarbonization

Power your home with wind and solar.

Commercial Building Decarbonization

Right here in Georgia, some of the nation's leading research and technology institutes have partnered to bring climate solutions home. Below you can learn more about Drawdown GA, a research and community leadership organization supported by Georgia-based institutes, including the Ray C. Anderson Foundation, Emory University, Georgia Tech, and the University of Georgia.

Among their list of 20 high-impact solutions is Refrigerant Management and Retrofitting, two solutions that lie at the heart of ASHRAE's expertise. Please visit to learn more.

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