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Honors & Awards

Chair:  John Pruitt

The purpose of the Honors & Awards committee is to identify and submit qualified candidates for chapter, region and society awards and honors. The committee consists of the chair of the Honors & Awards, chair of History, chapter President and others who have been active in the chapter.

Anyone can nominate a member for an Honor or Award, with the exception of a few awards that are given by specific groups within ASHRAE.  The easiest route is to go through the Chapters Honors and Awards Committee which present the nominations at CRC in August.  Each award has a deadline of eithr December 1st or May 1st.  The December 1st submissions are given at the Winter meeting in January one year after the submission; the May submission is given at the June Annual meeting one year after the submission.

The Distinguised Service Award and the Exceptional Service Award are given at the Annual meeting and require a point sheet calculation which is available on the Honors and Awards page of ASHRAE.  Tjese awards must be in cooperation with the candidates.  Their help is needed to put together a submission.

To nominate someone yourself:  (from the home page) (and log on),  (on the blue bar go to) Membership & Conferences,  (scroll down to) Honors & Awards.  That puts you on the Honors & Awards page with all the information you could ever want.

Updated bios are a must.  To update your bio: From the ASHRAE home page go to (on the blue bar) MEMBERSHIP & CONFERENCES  (on the blue bar)  scroll to MY MEMBERSHIP and click.  Go to CHANGE YOUR ADDRESS/VIEW OR EDIT YOUR PROFILE/UPDATE YOUR BIO.  Make changes and save.

A list of past Honors & Awards winners can be found on the History page.

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