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A note about your MP Team

We're here to help, that's it!. We strive to help, so forward your questions, concerns or comments since we love feedback. In turn we will reply as soon as possible with your answers or advising that we're reaching out to those who can help. 

Our Chapter is always busy brainstorming events so you can enhance your knowledge or skills and often times to get a well deserved break so make sure to check out the upcoming events.

To serve you better take some time and update your profile (bio) and send us your feedback. Let us know what you need to get the most of your benefits. It would be cool to know which topics are of interest to schedule them into upcoming Chapter meetings as well as any questions regarding your benefits. Again were here to help you so you can get the most out of your membership.

MP Goals for the year

Be sure to visit out Society and Chapter pages for more membership info. Or simply join our mailing list to stay updated on the forthcoming activities and events. We welcome sponsors and volunteers.

We need your help by always reaching out to new members or getting involved with our Grassroots Committee. Take a minute to socialize and network with them on the next meeting or activity. Be sure to catch up our monthly newsletter.

This year we will be bringing awareness of one of the best benefits available to all of us. The same is the ASHRAE-Xchange. A web portal where you can post any question or problem that is keeping you awake at night to be addressed by other members who are proficient is such topics.

Thank you again for being part of our prestigious Society and especially of our Atlanta Chapter, let’s work together to make your experience as rewarding as ours.


 Brendan Gardes                                                                                                                     MP Chair  2016-2017

Featured member

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