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Membership Promotion (MP) Corner               

Welcome to all our NEW Atlanta Chapter members, who have joined between July 1 ~ Aug 31, 2020!

Robert A Gunter, Brandon K Peoples, Adam Soyah, Henrey M Grage Jr., Kristopher Ryan Geyson, Michael Kicher, Kaiqing Gao, Vinay Shekar, Chris G Woods, Harry F Crow, Joseph Russell, George Meyer, Ronald Dean Griggs, Roderick L Rayner, Nicholas Hunter Henderson, James Logan McKenzie, Michelle R Murdock, Mohammad Tehranian, David Rowell

Snapshot summary of our chapter membership:  aka “MP By the Numbers” 

  • YTD Total chapter membership is 965. 
  • Welcomed 19 new members from July 1 ~ August 31, 2020. 
  • Currently 105 chapter members with memberships past due ranging from 1 to 6 months delinquent. 
    (keep in mind at the end of 6 months, those past due memberships are “cancelled” by ASHRAE society and the member will no longer receive electronic communications from society)
  • Please keep your membership dues and contact information current at    


Mr. Willis H. Carrier is credited with creating the Psychrometric chart used by HVAC engineers around the world today.  Did you know there were several additional psychrometric pioneers, prior to Mr. Carrier’s contribution and dating back to the mid 1800’s having identified nine psychrometric properties (tables) that were used by meteorologist for weather forecasting.  In what year did Willis Carrier first “graph” the psychrometric data tables, creating the “hygrometric chart” we know and refer to as a psychrometric chart today?  

Trivia input thanks to our very own, Mr. Don Gatley, P.E. whose November 2004 article “Psychrometric Chart Celebrates 100th Anniversary” was recently republished in the ASHRAE electronic HVAC&R Industry News.

We are working out kinks in the process to present a trivia question as part of our future virtual chapter meetings.  First correct answer submitted wins a $$ gift card mailed to your home address.  Stay tuned in October!

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